Two COVID-19 antiviral medicines are available to treat early COVID-19 at home. When taken early on in your COVID-19 illness, they can help you stay out of hospital. They are only available for eligible people.


IMPORTANT: For the protection of other patients and our staff, if you have tested positive for covid, are a household contact or are feeling unwell do not come into the pharmacy. We can run your consult over the phone and can deliver your medication contact-free to you at home. 

Who is eligible for free Covid 19 antiviral medicines?

You must have tested positive, or have had symptoms in the last five days, and are a Household Contact of a positive case.

And must also either:

  • have a severely weakened immune system

  • have Down syndrome

  • have sickle cell disease

  • be aged 75 years or older, or

  • have been previously admitted to an intensive care unit directly as a result of COVID-19 and have tested positive again.

  • do not require supplemental oxygen


You might also be eligible if you:

  • are taking regular medicines

  • are older than 57

  • are of Māori or Pacific Island ethnicity

  • have complex health needs or disability

  • are not up to date with your COVID-19 vaccinations.


You can see more detailed list of eligibility criteria on Pharmac's website here


What if I have a prescription from my doctor?

You must test postive before the medicines can be dispensed by a pharmacist.

You can submit your prescription to our pharmacy for dispensing and delivery here

Can I get a prescription directly from a pharmacy?

Yes, if you fit the eligibility criteria. Some pharmacists will be able to supply COVID-19 antivirals without a prescription.

Can I come to the pharmacy to collect my Covid-19 medicine?

Do not come into the Pharmacy if you have tested positive. If you get COVID-19 you must self-isolate for at least 7 days and cannot leave your home. If you are eligible for Covid-19 medicines, you can arrange to have them delivered by friends, whānau, or your pharmacy.

Our pharmacy has a local delivery option we can talk to you about on our consult for the supply of Covid-19 medicines.

We may also be able to deliver over-the-counter medicines to help you in your recovery from COVID-19


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